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Shrey Gupta

Full Stack JavaScript Developer ,Mobile Apps Developer & CI/CD

Everything about me

Who am I?

Coder by choice and perennially lost in Deep Thought!

Take an awesome bowl, add two cups of organized laziness, a cup of terrible puns and dissolve in 500ml of deep thought. Now add two spoons of cynisism, a healthy heaping of introversion, and half a bowl of calm composure. Now take a screwdriver - Yes a screwdriver and stir well. Put on a sad song in the background and bake it in the intense heat of logic. Voila! Shrey Gupta is ready to go.

What am I known for?

I have Developed Projects both on web and mobile platform, I also have experience working with several startup.

What am I into?

Tech and Gadgets

If its made of silicone and has electricity running through its veins, I already love it.

Web Application Development

Development runs in my veins. it is what i do , what i feel and what i care about

Mobile App Development

Everything is going mobile now .


I often like to listen to music. it helps me to clear my mind and relax


It's not food, it is a perishable art that must be savoured at the peak of perfection, the perfect foodgasm for the body and soul.


Travelling and spending time with friends and family is what i call chill.


Cups of Coffee


Hours of Exercising


Kgs of Junk Food




  • Static Website using SaSS with Gulp

    Ahh! Wanna take your bussiness online easiest is to get a website.

  • Web Portals using Javascript - NodeJS, Angular, ReactJS, MongoDB/SQL:

    Due to availability of web Applications over all devices it seems to the perfect option for small businesses with tight budgets.

  • Android - MVVM

    When it comes to mobile devices android is the most used operating system with over 2.5 Billion active devices in 2019

  • CrossPlatform Apps using React Native /

    Cross paltform has a lot of limitations , good for only small use cases

  • Docker And Docker Swarm

    When all the development is done, its time to make it live .Docker makes it easier to update and manage production environment


  • Software Development Intern @ Fermyon Technologies Private Limited (https://shoppinpal.com)

    Collaborating with existing team on the products Bnext – B2B retail chain management And StockUp – A stock replenishment software, working on JavaScript (Loopback And Angular) and building features

  • React Nayive Development Intern @ Shoocal Ventures Private Limited (https://shoocal.com)

    Built the version 1 of the table booking app on react native.

    The app had over 1k downloads as of 2019

  • Software Engineer (Freelance) @ Always Hired Sales Bootcamp(https://alwayshired.com)

    Built an End To End Training MVP Portal https://app.alwayshired.com to help their students track progress

  • Web And Mobile Developer Intern @ Analyse Future LLC (https://plootus.com)

    It is a 401k planner application in USA Tasks Included Working on Core PhP backend, Data Driven dashboard using Angular , AWS EC2 , performing Web Scrapping to collect financial Data

  • Android Developer Intern @ Das Leben Private Limited (https://fotonicia.com)

    Main Responsibilities Include Developing Modules Using MVVM architecture, Performance Optimization , UI Development , Development Of Features And Work As Per Allotted Tasks.

    The App now had over 1.5k+ Downloads on Play Store

  • Android And NodeJS Developer @ Pixectra(http://pixectra.com)

    Main Responsibilities Collaborating With Other Interns, managing project And Deployment on AWS

  • Front Development (Freelance) @ https://yojakajobs.com

    Built the website

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